Oilfield vibration system1
A resonant vibration system for use in oilfield tubular extraction application consists of three basic components: a mechanical oscillator with suspension system for isolating the rig structure, a work string for transmitting vibrational energy, and a stuck member or "fish" to be recovered.

Figure 1 illustrates the components in a well setting. The eccentric weight mechanical oscillator generates an axial sinusoidal force that acts on the work string to create axial vibration and the vibrating work string transmits and delivers power developed at the oscillator to a region where the stuck member is located. The acoustic energy received at the stuck area works to effect the release of the stuck member through the application of large percussive forces, fluidization of granular material, dilation and contraction of the pipe body, and a reduction of well bore friction or hole drag.

Vibration Technology's oscillators have been designed to operate efficiently within a wide range of acceptable operational parameters and leverage all aspects of the technology.
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